Headphones: T2C TWS Wireless Bluetooth

Forget those cheaply made headphones or earbuds that came with your MP3 player. With the right pair of headphones, especially once you break them in, you can experience music on a whole other level. Whether you’re listening at home or on the go, consider investing in a high quality pair of headphones (or buds) for maximum enjoyment.

T2C TWS Headphones Description

Headphones T2C has a secure and comfortable fit. The shape of the case has good ergonomics, the ear cushions “cling” quite firmly. Headphones can easily be used for jogging because of its secure fit in the ear. It also has IPX4 splash and sweat protection for sports applications. And the sound quality of such models is much higher. They are relevant in noisy places, in the subway, on the train, in the metropolis becouse such plugs have a deep level of sound insulation, so the person in them literally plunges into sound.

TWS T02 wireless Bluetooth headphones with charger. All operations are performed by touch, which makes management simple and convenient. The rugged fit, ease of use and no wires make these headphones ideal for high-speed training. Very light and comfortable, so it is easily fit in a bag.

The charging case and headphones are equipped with magnetic traps for secure attachment during charging. On one full charge, your headphones can play for up to three hours – more than enough to provide music for your workout. At the end of the session, just put them in the case for recharging. The case will protect them during transport and also provide two complete charging cycles and they are ready to use again.

The accessory is compatible with any device running iOS and android.

  • No wires.
  • Complete freedom of movement.
headphones wireless bluetooth

Bluetooth V5.0 technology

  • The transmission speed is twice higher. The anti-interference performance is enhanced and the connection is more stable, avoid sound delays.
  • CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology high sensitivity silicone mic, improve the recognition of the speech, make sure you can talk without any effort even in noisy environments.
headphones wireless

Touch easy to operate

Fingerprint touch no pressing required

  • No pressure on the ears
  • Long press three seconds to turn on|off
  • Press once to answer
  • Press once to play music
  • And twice to dial back last call
headphones waterproof

Water Resistant

T2C headphones provides an undisturbed usage because of Ipx5 Water Resistant. So you no need to worry about rain/splashes & wetness.

Wireless headphones is perfect for exploring the world of true wireless, so If you want to try this relatively new format, but do not know where to start, pay attention to these bluetooth earbuds.

8 hours single charge

Comfortable and light

This model of headphones has an average segment autonomy of up to 8 hours on a single charge and another 3-4 case charging cycles of about 20 hours. 

  • Fully charged in 1-2 hours
  • Total battery life 8 hours

Easy to carry

  • T2C TWS Wireless Headphones Ergonomically designed, so the earbuds exactly fit the contours of the ears.
  • Exclusive take-out-to use design, so there is always one step less, safe time and free hands. Small charging case built-in 800mAh for backup power.
T2C TWS Earbuds – Video

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