Rapoo Rechargeable Multi-mode Wireless Mouse


In terms of its design, Rapoo has created a decent enough mouse, which looks both aesthetically pleasing and solid in terms of its build.  There are three main materials on the MT750, that of the hardened, matte plastic over the majority of the frame, the rubber palm, thumb and pinkie rests, as well as the glossy feet for easier movement on the bottom. The MT750 feels solid in hand, with no creaks or rattles to speak of. Doing a simple shake test also confirms this.

Rapoo mouse does have tie-in software for the Rapoo MT750, which allows you to customise all the buttons available on the mouse, as well as set other details such as the DPI, etc. It is worth noting that you’ll need to connect the device via the USB receiver to be able to detect the mouse on the software. One of the more impressive aspects touted on the Rapoo MT750 is its battery life.

In terms of the performance, the MT750 is very solid. The accuracy is great, even on random materials across all of the DPI ranges, which you can adjust from 600 to 3200 DPI. As with many modern mouses, the unit has a laser sensor for better accuracy.


Ergonomic: Yes
Power Efficient: Yes
Working Mode: Laser Engine
Connection Type: Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth3.0/2.4GHz Wireless
Resolution: 3200 DPI
Mouse Life Cycl: 10 Million Key-press
Power Supply: Chargable Li-batteries
Mouse Size: 124.2×85×49.5mm

System Requirements: 

Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows XP

Package Included:

MT750 Multi-mode Wireless Mouse;
Charge Cable;
USB Receiver;
User Manual.

rapoo mouse

Precision on nearly every surface

The high-performance laser engine enables you to use MT750 on virtually any surface. Enjoy a high-speed response and unrivaled accuracy.

wireless mouse

Switch between Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0 and 2.4G

The smart switch between Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0 and 2.4G ensures stable wireless transmission. You can still use your mouse regardless of USB port shortage or the loss of receiver.

mouse rapoo mt750

Smart switch between multiple devices

MT750 automatically pairs the working device. It simultaneously connects to up to 4 devices, and easily switches between them. It simplifies complicated cross-platform maneuvers and meets multi-tasking requirements.

rechargeable battery

Eco-friendly rechargeable battery

Thanks to the built-in eco-friendly lithium battery, a full charge can last up to 30 days. It eliminates the need for replacing batteries.

8 programmable button

Precise down to the last pixel: with the adjustable DPI sensor, accuracy is no longer left to chance. Adjustable from 600 DPI to 3200 DPI, you can adapt it to match your preference. 

Fully adjustable DPI sensor

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