Mi Band Waterproof Smart Fitness Wristband

A healthy lifestyle is a modern trend.

Today, more and more people are starting to lead a healthy lifestyle. Classes in the gym with dynamic music, morning Jogging with a fitness band on your wrist… Stop! How do you not have a fitness bracelet?! It’s time to have it!

Mi Band is the concentration of all the features and benefits inherent in fitness trackers. The bracelet is remarkable, first of all, the battery life: up to 20 days, but when you turn off some functions, it can last for about a month without recharging.

Wristband Description

To notify you about missed calls and push notifications, to analyze the quality of sleep, measure pulse, count steps, and control your media player — all in a piggy Bank of its capabilities. Also noteworthy are other advantages of the tracker: water resistance (to a depth of 50 meters), OLED-display, a variety of colored straps. And the main joy lies in the democratic price tag.

With a fitness bracelet you can:

  • find out the number of steps taken per day, month and period of use of the tracker;
  • measure the number of heartbeats;
  • to calculate the volume of calories expended;
  • set goals for sleep, steps, calories;
  • track your daily activity level;
  • monitor the active and passive phase of sleep;
  • use it as a clock and alarm;
  • receive app alerts and call notifications;
  • accept notifications when you need to walk.
mi band fitness tracker

Multiple motion mode

  • 0.96 inch color screen, clearly show and record the movement of your day. Such as the number of walking steps, the distance of exercise, the calories burned.
  • Can also record your minutes of indoor or outdoor exercise, to provide you with professional sports data.
  • To help you more effective training and a clearer understanding of your health status.Includes 4 types of motion tracking: walking, running, cycling, climbing.

mi band heart rate monitoring

Heart rate monitoring

  • Heart rate test, blood pressure test, blood oxygen test.
  • A variety of detection functions to help you better understand your health. Connect to the mobile app and set the automatic heart rate detection in the app.
  • Mi band will be 24 hours Automatically detect your heart rate data, you can view the data in the mobile app.
mi band blood pressure monitoring

Blood pressure monitoring

  • Mi band measure real-time blood pressure and save measured data at the same time.
  • You can check your health anytime, anywhere.
  • Tracking distance, you can see the distance of your exercise in the app, and you can see your exercise route. Help you record your sports data.
mi band waterproof tracker

Waterproof Fitness Wristband

  • This bracelet is IP67 waterproof: waterproof depth reaches 1.5M, support all domestic water, wash hands, rain, swim.
  • Let you carefree in life, do not worry about waterproof.
  • Note: This product supports cold water waterproof, does not support hot water.

Sleep monitoring

  • The smart bracelet automatically monitors your sleep status.
  • When you wake up the next day, you can check your sleep data in the app.
  • You can also set an alarm clock in the app.
  • The smart bracelet will wake you up in a vibrating manner without disturbing your partner.
Mi Band Fitness Bracelet – Video

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