Car Charger Baseus Qi: Intelligent Wireless charging

One-hand Operation : This car wireless charger creatively use gravity and linkage design, when you put your phone into it,the two sides will automatically grip your phone tightly; when you slip upwards to take your phone out. One hand operate, easy and convenient. 

Creatively Design : Creatively combine Wireless Charger with Car Phone Holder in one unit, no more tangled cords or cables in your car while you’re on the road 

Adjustable Viewing : Ball joint pivot for a variety of optimal positions, easily turn your phone facing the driver for better viewing 

Charger Baseus Qi


Smart car phone holder wireless charger
Act as phone holder and a wireless charger, which is a brand new car holder experience. 
Infrared induction, automatic locking
With automatic infrared inducton, a mobile phone can be automatically clamped by the metal arms.
Smart recognition, wireless quick charging
Wireless charger with instand charging, specially designed for automobiles. 
Silica gel non-slip mat
Some parts are equipped with silica gel mat to increase stability.
Stable clamping
Your phone will not shake due to the specially made clamp.
Operated with one hand
It can be tightly clamped after your phone is placed, and it will automatically open by touching the metal button on the right.
Status indicators
The red indicator is on when the arms are in movement;
The green indicator is on when any mobile phone is being charged;
The green indicator flickers in case any irrelevant object is detected.  

baseus car charger
Smart sensing camera

Smart sensing camera

After the sensor detects a mobile phone, the metal arms will stretch automatically and they will close automatically after a short delay to clamp the mobile phone.
– Remains open in the normal state
– Automatically clamp when the phone is close to car mount holder
– Automatically tighten when the phone is placed on it

Intelligent control, upgraded chip

Intelligent & inductive

  • Intelligent control, upgraded chip
  • With built-in standard wireless charging coil, wireless charging is available for any mobile phone
Wireless charging

Wireless charging

  • Intelligent and secure without damaging any mobile phone
  • With built-in intelligent chip, it can identify ordinary charging and quick
 Stable and steady charger

Stable and steady in all conditions

  • Clamped closely without falling
  • The air vent is stuck firmly 
  • And it is locked firmly by moving it lightly
  • Supportive of most types of AIRCON outlets
Firm charger

Fearless of emergency braking, acceleration or bumpy conditions

  • Safe even placed horizontally
  • Navigation is safe and firm even in rugged and bumpy conditions
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Baseus Qi Car Wireless Charger – Video

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