Camera Xiaomi 70mai DVR for Car with Voice Control

70mai dash cam

70mai is a tiny low-cost dash cam that supports Wi-Fi.  This camera is very small and stealthy.

  • A green indicator LED shows you that the camera is recording normally. A red light indicates abnormal recording (i.e. some kind of fault), and blue color means the camera is starting up.
  • Voice commands let you order the camera to take a picture, record video, turn sound recording on or off, and toggle Wi-Fi on/off.
  • Wi-Fi control with the app (iPhone or Android)
  • The camera has a G-sensor that will detect any potential impacts. The corresponding footage will be saved in a protected folder to keep it from becoming overwritten. There is no way to protect footage manually though.

Battery: 240mAh
Image sensor: Sony IMX323 1/2.9”
G-Sensor: 3 axis acceleration sensor
Lens: 7 glass lens
Max Resolution (video/photo) : 1080p @ 30fps / 2MP
Field of view: 130˚
Storage: 8-64 GB Class 10 & Above (Not included)

Camera Xiaomi 70mai comes with a power adapter to be connected to the cigarette lighter, a 3.5m micro-usb cable and an electrostatic sticker to be sticked onto your car.

Activating for the first time
  1. Insert your memory card into the micro-sd slot.
  2. Download and open the 70 Mai Dash Cam App .
  3. Register an account and login using your email address.
  4. Add Dash Cam and connect to Wi-Fi hotspot
  5. If everything is done properly, it should be green in colour and begin recording.
Power Button

When Switched Off:

  • Press to power on

When Switched On, Press:

  • Once to turn on/off wifi hotspot
  • 3 times to format the memory card
  • 5 times to restore default settings
  • Hold to power off
app connection

Wi-Fi control with the app (iPhone or Android)

Camera with voice control

Voice Control

There are 4 different voice commands you can use:

  • Take a photo;
  • Record emergency video;
  • Switch on/off Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • Turn On/Off audio recording.

70mai camera

Light Indicator

Green- Normal recording
Red – recording error
Blue – not in recording mode

Breathing State / Solid Colour:
-Breathing State – Wifi hotspot is turned on
-Solid Colour: Wifi hotspot is turned off

Wide vision camera

130° big Wide vision – Cover multiple lanes

130″ big wide vision-multi-lane coverage The 130″of viewing capacity can cover the entire front end of your car, and three lanes (the driving lane and lane to each side). If an accident occurs, the Dash Cam will automatically record the adjacent lane conditions.

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Camera Xiaomi 70mai – Video

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