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Yoga face fitness – brilliant skin care

Face Yoga – fitness for youthful skin at home

Start the fight with age-related changes in your face today! Keeping your face toned with our anti-aging self-massage program is easy! With the help of our face-lifting programs, devoting only 20 minutes a day to light face exercises, after half a year you will be surprised to see your reflection in the mirror: a radiant and young beauty will look at you, on whose face there is no hint of wrinkles!

Rapoo Rechargeable Multi-mode Wireless Mouse


In terms of its design, Rapoo has created a decent enough mouse, which looks both aesthetically pleasing and solid in terms of its build.  There are three main materials on the MT750, that of the hardened, matte plastic over the majority of the frame, the rubber palm, thumb and pinkie rests, as well as the glossy feet for easier movement on the bottom. The MT750 feels solid in hand, with no creaks or rattles to speak of. Doing a simple shake test also confirms this.

Rapoo mouse does have tie-in software for the Rapoo MT750, which allows you to customise all the buttons available on the mouse, as well as set other details such as the DPI, etc. It is worth noting that you’ll need to connect the device via the USB receiver to be able to detect the mouse on the software. One of the more impressive aspects touted on the Rapoo MT750 is its battery life.

In terms of the performance, the MT750 is very solid. The accuracy is great, even on random materials across all of the DPI ranges, which you can adjust from 600 to 3200 DPI. As with many modern mouses, the unit has a laser sensor for better accuracy.


Ergonomic: Yes
Power Efficient: Yes
Working Mode: Laser Engine
Connection Type: Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth3.0/2.4GHz Wireless
Resolution: 3200 DPI
Mouse Life Cycl: 10 Million Key-press
Power Supply: Chargable Li-batteries
Mouse Size: 124.2×85×49.5mm

System Requirements: 

Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows Vista,Windows XP

Package Included:

MT750 Multi-mode Wireless Mouse;
Charge Cable;
USB Receiver;
User Manual.

rapoo mouse

Precision on nearly every surface

The high-performance laser engine enables you to use MT750 on virtually any surface. Enjoy a high-speed response and unrivaled accuracy.

wireless mouse

Switch between Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0 and 2.4G

The smart switch between Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0 and 2.4G ensures stable wireless transmission. You can still use your mouse regardless of USB port shortage or the loss of receiver.

mouse rapoo mt750

Smart switch between multiple devices

MT750 automatically pairs the working device. It simultaneously connects to up to 4 devices, and easily switches between them. It simplifies complicated cross-platform maneuvers and meets multi-tasking requirements.

rechargeable battery

Eco-friendly rechargeable battery

Thanks to the built-in eco-friendly lithium battery, a full charge can last up to 30 days. It eliminates the need for replacing batteries.

8 programmable button

Precise down to the last pixel: with the adjustable DPI sensor, accuracy is no longer left to chance. Adjustable from 600 DPI to 3200 DPI, you can adapt it to match your preference. 

Fully adjustable DPI sensor

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Rapoo MT750 Wireless Mouse – Video

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Camera Xiaomi 70mai DVR for Car with Voice Control

70mai dash cam

70mai is a tiny low-cost dash cam that supports Wi-Fi.  This camera is very small and stealthy.

  • A green indicator LED shows you that the camera is recording normally. A red light indicates abnormal recording (i.e. some kind of fault), and blue color means the camera is starting up.
  • Voice commands let you order the camera to take a picture, record video, turn sound recording on or off, and toggle Wi-Fi on/off.
  • Wi-Fi control with the app (iPhone or Android)
  • The camera has a G-sensor that will detect any potential impacts. The corresponding footage will be saved in a protected folder to keep it from becoming overwritten. There is no way to protect footage manually though.

Battery: 240mAh
Image sensor: Sony IMX323 1/2.9”
G-Sensor: 3 axis acceleration sensor
Lens: 7 glass lens
Max Resolution (video/photo) : 1080p @ 30fps / 2MP
Field of view: 130˚
Storage: 8-64 GB Class 10 & Above (Not included)

Camera Xiaomi 70mai comes with a power adapter to be connected to the cigarette lighter, a 3.5m micro-usb cable and an electrostatic sticker to be sticked onto your car.

Activating for the first time
  1. Insert your memory card into the micro-sd slot.
  2. Download and open the 70 Mai Dash Cam App .
  3. Register an account and login using your email address.
  4. Add Dash Cam and connect to Wi-Fi hotspot
  5. If everything is done properly, it should be green in colour and begin recording.
Power Button

When Switched Off:

  • Press to power on

When Switched On, Press:

  • Once to turn on/off wifi hotspot
  • 3 times to format the memory card
  • 5 times to restore default settings
  • Hold to power off
app connection

Wi-Fi control with the app (iPhone or Android)

Camera with voice control

Voice Control

There are 4 different voice commands you can use:

  • Take a photo;
  • Record emergency video;
  • Switch on/off Wi-Fi hotspot;
  • Turn On/Off audio recording.

70mai camera

Light Indicator

Green- Normal recording
Red – recording error
Blue – not in recording mode

Breathing State / Solid Colour:
-Breathing State – Wifi hotspot is turned on
-Solid Colour: Wifi hotspot is turned off

Wide vision camera

130° big Wide vision – Cover multiple lanes

130″ big wide vision-multi-lane coverage The 130″of viewing capacity can cover the entire front end of your car, and three lanes (the driving lane and lane to each side). If an accident occurs, the Dash Cam will automatically record the adjacent lane conditions.

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Camera Xiaomi 70mai – Video

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GPS Navigation Junsun D100 7″ HD Car


1. Specification:
-The Good Material of the GPS and The Workmanship, The Good Maps; Faster GPS Signal Info.
-7-inch capacitive screen, touch more sensitive.
-Built 800MHZ / 8GB,  than the average GPS speed twice as fast;

2. Support Bluetooth (Optional) : wireless transmission, answer the phone.

3. Support AV (Optional) : when connecting a rearview camera, reversing automatically switch the screen (Rear view camera needs to be purchased separately)

4. FM emission function: the navigation voice and music will be directly sent to the car speaker. With this function, the sound become better and louder.

5. Menu Language: Russian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Hebrew, Dutch, Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Finnish, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Hungarian,Estonian, Indonesian, Azerbaijani, Ukrainian, Slovak, Slovenian.

GPS Navigation map
junsun 3d gps navigation

Junsun GPS Navigation

The device arrives with a bright 7.0″ display with detailed maps. With free lifetime map updates, your routes are sure to reflect the most up-to-date maps, POIs (points of interest) and navigation information. 

  • Speed limit indicator – unit displays speed limits for most major roads.
  • Has a search field that makes it easy to find addresses.
detailed maps

Detailed Maps with Free Updates

Map Supported Languages:English (AU), English (UK), English (United States), Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Arabic, Canada, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Norway, Turkey, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Indonesia, Croatian, Catalan, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia.

gps navigation

Navigate Complex Interchanges with Ease

Junsun GPS Navigation has lane assist with junction view that displays upcoming junctions and uses brightly colored arrows to indicate your proper lane. And easily navigate complex interchanges.

  • Support Bluetooth(Optional), wireless transmission, answer the phone.
  • Support AV-IN

More Information at a Glance

  • The device keeps your driving map onscreen at all times and additional information appears.
  • For details, simply ask or touch the screen. As you drive your route, Up Ahead constantly informs you of nearby services, including restaurants, fuel stations, hospitals and stores.​
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GPS Navigation Junsun D100 7″ – Video

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Car Charger Baseus Qi: Intelligent Wireless charging

One-hand Operation : This car wireless charger creatively use gravity and linkage design, when you put your phone into it,the two sides will automatically grip your phone tightly; when you slip upwards to take your phone out. One hand operate, easy and convenient. 

Creatively Design : Creatively combine Wireless Charger with Car Phone Holder in one unit, no more tangled cords or cables in your car while you’re on the road 

Adjustable Viewing : Ball joint pivot for a variety of optimal positions, easily turn your phone facing the driver for better viewing 

Charger Baseus Qi


Smart car phone holder wireless charger
Act as phone holder and a wireless charger, which is a brand new car holder experience. 
Infrared induction, automatic locking
With automatic infrared inducton, a mobile phone can be automatically clamped by the metal arms.
Smart recognition, wireless quick charging
Wireless charger with instand charging, specially designed for automobiles. 
Silica gel non-slip mat
Some parts are equipped with silica gel mat to increase stability.
Stable clamping
Your phone will not shake due to the specially made clamp.
Operated with one hand
It can be tightly clamped after your phone is placed, and it will automatically open by touching the metal button on the right.
Status indicators
The red indicator is on when the arms are in movement;
The green indicator is on when any mobile phone is being charged;
The green indicator flickers in case any irrelevant object is detected.  

baseus car charger
Smart sensing camera

Smart sensing camera

After the sensor detects a mobile phone, the metal arms will stretch automatically and they will close automatically after a short delay to clamp the mobile phone.
– Remains open in the normal state
– Automatically clamp when the phone is close to car mount holder
– Automatically tighten when the phone is placed on it

Intelligent control, upgraded chip

Intelligent & inductive

  • Intelligent control, upgraded chip
  • With built-in standard wireless charging coil, wireless charging is available for any mobile phone
Wireless charging

Wireless charging

  • Intelligent and secure without damaging any mobile phone
  • With built-in intelligent chip, it can identify ordinary charging and quick
 Stable and steady charger

Stable and steady in all conditions

  • Clamped closely without falling
  • The air vent is stuck firmly 
  • And it is locked firmly by moving it lightly
  • Supportive of most types of AIRCON outlets
Firm charger

Fearless of emergency braking, acceleration or bumpy conditions

  • Safe even placed horizontally
  • Navigation is safe and firm even in rugged and bumpy conditions
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Baseus Qi Car Wireless Charger – Video

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Smart Watch: COLMI Land 1 IP68 Waterproof Full Touch Screen

Land 1 is the first IP68 waterproof full touch screen sports smart watch, and why should we design such a smart watch? 

Because other sports smart watches are single touch. They can only switch to the next function, which means that if you accidentally miss what you want to use, you have to cycle once to find that function.
And land 1 can solve this problem perfectly, you can return to the previous function, and you can swipe up to quickly return to the dial. 

  • Get guidance to make moves on your goals
    The more you wear Smart Watch Land 1, the more you lear about yourself and your workouts so you can start making changes that matter.
  •  All day Calorie Burn. This Smart watch know how many calories you’re really burning and use what you learn to reach your goals

1.3 Inch Full Touch Screen Smart Watch — IP68 waterproof rating, it is completely waterproof when washing your hands or getting caught in the rain. 7 days battery life, it is perfect companion keep you organized and productive all day. 

Smart watch
Smart watch heart tracking

All-in-one Smart Watch

  • Pedometer;
  • Calories counter;
  • Health tracker;
  • Sedentary remind;
  • Remote photos and music control;
  • Call reminder;
  • Alarm clock, weather forecast;
  • Notification push for Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. 
personal health tracker

Personal Health Tracker

  • Built-in second generation heart rate optical sensors;
  • Track real-time heart rate accurately;
  • Intelligent sleep monitoring, helping you adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle.
Smart watch activity tracking

All-day Activity Tracking

  • Bluetooth running fitness tracker accurately record all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes.
  • Special sport modes for walking, running, cycling, football, basketball, badminton.
Smart watch steps

Super Compatibility

This smartwatch supports most smartphones with iOS 9.0 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher. Download and install the free “COLMI” app, compatible with all Bluetooth enabled smartphones including iPhone, Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc.

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Smart Watch: COLMI Land 1 – Video

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Mi Band Waterproof Smart Fitness Wristband

A healthy lifestyle is a modern trend.

Today, more and more people are starting to lead a healthy lifestyle. Classes in the gym with dynamic music, morning Jogging with a fitness band on your wrist… Stop! How do you not have a fitness bracelet?! It’s time to have it!

Mi Band is the concentration of all the features and benefits inherent in fitness trackers. The bracelet is remarkable, first of all, the battery life: up to 20 days, but when you turn off some functions, it can last for about a month without recharging.

Wristband Description

To notify you about missed calls and push notifications, to analyze the quality of sleep, measure pulse, count steps, and control your media player — all in a piggy Bank of its capabilities. Also noteworthy are other advantages of the tracker: water resistance (to a depth of 50 meters), OLED-display, a variety of colored straps. And the main joy lies in the democratic price tag.

With a fitness bracelet you can:

  • find out the number of steps taken per day, month and period of use of the tracker;
  • measure the number of heartbeats;
  • to calculate the volume of calories expended;
  • set goals for sleep, steps, calories;
  • track your daily activity level;
  • monitor the active and passive phase of sleep;
  • use it as a clock and alarm;
  • receive app alerts and call notifications;
  • accept notifications when you need to walk.
mi band fitness tracker

Multiple motion mode

  • 0.96 inch color screen, clearly show and record the movement of your day. Such as the number of walking steps, the distance of exercise, the calories burned.
  • Can also record your minutes of indoor or outdoor exercise, to provide you with professional sports data.
  • To help you more effective training and a clearer understanding of your health status.Includes 4 types of motion tracking: walking, running, cycling, climbing.

mi band heart rate monitoring

Heart rate monitoring

  • Heart rate test, blood pressure test, blood oxygen test.
  • A variety of detection functions to help you better understand your health. Connect to the mobile app and set the automatic heart rate detection in the app.
  • Mi band will be 24 hours Automatically detect your heart rate data, you can view the data in the mobile app.
mi band blood pressure monitoring

Blood pressure monitoring

  • Mi band measure real-time blood pressure and save measured data at the same time.
  • You can check your health anytime, anywhere.
  • Tracking distance, you can see the distance of your exercise in the app, and you can see your exercise route. Help you record your sports data.
mi band waterproof tracker

Waterproof Fitness Wristband

  • This bracelet is IP67 waterproof: waterproof depth reaches 1.5M, support all domestic water, wash hands, rain, swim.
  • Let you carefree in life, do not worry about waterproof.
  • Note: This product supports cold water waterproof, does not support hot water.

Sleep monitoring

  • The smart bracelet automatically monitors your sleep status.
  • When you wake up the next day, you can check your sleep data in the app.
  • You can also set an alarm clock in the app.
  • The smart bracelet will wake you up in a vibrating manner without disturbing your partner.
Mi Band Fitness Bracelet – Video

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Headphones: T2C TWS Wireless Bluetooth

Forget those cheaply made headphones or earbuds that came with your MP3 player. With the right pair of headphones, especially once you break them in, you can experience music on a whole other level. Whether you’re listening at home or on the go, consider investing in a high quality pair of headphones (or buds) for maximum enjoyment.

T2C TWS Headphones Description

Headphones T2C has a secure and comfortable fit. The shape of the case has good ergonomics, the ear cushions “cling” quite firmly. Headphones can easily be used for jogging because of its secure fit in the ear. It also has IPX4 splash and sweat protection for sports applications. And the sound quality of such models is much higher. They are relevant in noisy places, in the subway, on the train, in the metropolis becouse such plugs have a deep level of sound insulation, so the person in them literally plunges into sound.

TWS T02 wireless Bluetooth headphones with charger. All operations are performed by touch, which makes management simple and convenient. The rugged fit, ease of use and no wires make these headphones ideal for high-speed training. Very light and comfortable, so it is easily fit in a bag.

The charging case and headphones are equipped with magnetic traps for secure attachment during charging. On one full charge, your headphones can play for up to three hours – more than enough to provide music for your workout. At the end of the session, just put them in the case for recharging. The case will protect them during transport and also provide two complete charging cycles and they are ready to use again.

The accessory is compatible with any device running iOS and android.

  • No wires.
  • Complete freedom of movement.
headphones wireless bluetooth

Bluetooth V5.0 technology

  • The transmission speed is twice higher. The anti-interference performance is enhanced and the connection is more stable, avoid sound delays.
  • CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology high sensitivity silicone mic, improve the recognition of the speech, make sure you can talk without any effort even in noisy environments.
headphones wireless

Touch easy to operate

Fingerprint touch no pressing required

  • No pressure on the ears
  • Long press three seconds to turn on|off
  • Press once to answer
  • Press once to play music
  • And twice to dial back last call
headphones waterproof

Water Resistant

T2C headphones provides an undisturbed usage because of Ipx5 Water Resistant. So you no need to worry about rain/splashes & wetness.

Wireless headphones is perfect for exploring the world of true wireless, so If you want to try this relatively new format, but do not know where to start, pay attention to these bluetooth earbuds.

8 hours single charge

Comfortable and light

This model of headphones has an average segment autonomy of up to 8 hours on a single charge and another 3-4 case charging cycles of about 20 hours. 

  • Fully charged in 1-2 hours
  • Total battery life 8 hours

Easy to carry

  • T2C TWS Wireless Headphones Ergonomically designed, so the earbuds exactly fit the contours of the ears.
  • Exclusive take-out-to use design, so there is always one step less, safe time and free hands. Small charging case built-in 800mAh for backup power.
T2C TWS Earbuds – Video

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